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Fancy being the next YouTube sensation or gaming god/goddess? Then you’ll need a screen recorder. And by a happy coincidence, that’s exactly what Bandicam is. It’s a simple but useful screen recorder that’s particularly good for recording gameplay and walkthroughs.

It’s available in a huge range of languages and works with Windows versions from XP onwards. It’s also compatible with external devices thanks to its cunningly named Device Recording Mode, which enables you to record from webcams, Xboxes and so on.

Why you need it

There are lots of screen recorders out there, but Bandicam is one of the most straightforward. It’s easy to use but includes features you’ll need including lag-free recording of any program that uses a DirectX or OpenGL graphical interface, recording just a selected part of the screen, recording from your sound card or microphone and adjusting the bitrate and frames per second.

The app is shareware, and as a result there are a few limits on what you can do: your recording time is limited to 10 minutes, and there’s a watermark added to the video.

Everything else in the app remains fully functional, and there’s no attempt to fill your PC with ads or unwanted software. 

Download here: Bandicam


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