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Free Download Manager

Yes, it’s free, and yes, it’s a download manager. But why choose this particular free download manager when there are so many other free download managers to choose from?

The short answer is that this free download manager does lots of useful things. In addition to http downloads it also handles secure http, FTP and BitTorrent downloads, and it has some clever features to make your downloads better.

Why you need it

Downloading files from the internet has always been a fairly painful experience, and even today slow servers and network congestion can make downloading big files a real pain.

Free Download Manager can soothe that pain by downloading the same file from multiple sources, which means that if one particular server is slow your download can turn to the fastest available one instead. You can adjust how much traffic downloads are accounting for, set priorities for torrents and drag and drop URLs from web browsers, and there are extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari.

It’s very straightforward and user-friendly, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t suitable for power users: if you want to have total control of multiple files at once, Free Download Manager is an excellent way to do it.

Download here: Free Download Manager


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