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Freemake Music Box

Bored of your current music collection? Want to discover some new artists, or find tracks by your favourites – all for free?

Freemake Music Box is an ingenious desktop player for Windows that lets you search for and stream music videos uploaded to YouTube by record companies and official publishers. The videos aren’t downloaded to your PC and any illegal uploads are filtered out automatically.

Why you need it

Because it’s a wonderfully easy way to find and enjpy music. Simply type in the name of an artist or track and Freemake Music Box will present you with a list of matching videos, arranged by relevance. Either click the play button beside a video to start listening/watching immediately, or select the plus button to add it to your playlist. Search results can be filtered by track, album, or artist

Freemake Music Box can also search for music on your PC, and you can add tracks from your hard drive to your playlist alongside ones streamed from the internet. You can also import tracks manually, and even add playlists created using other media players.

Freemake Music Box is fast, free, and extremely easy to use. Give it a spin – we think you’ll be impressed!

Download here: Freemake Music Box


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