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There are some impressive screen recorders around, but most are pretty cumbersome if you only want to capture a snippet of action from your web browser. That’s why you need HYFY Screen Recorder – a neat little extension that can record up to three minutes of footage with a couple of clicks. Your videos are kept on HYFY’s cloud servers for 30 days, with handy copy/pastable links so you can share them immediately. You can record your voice too if the clip will benefit from a little narration.

It’s great for businesses (if you need to explain to the IT helpdesk that something is catastrophically broken, for example), but HYFY is also great to have on hand for those occasions when you see something amazing and a link just won’t do.

Grab and go

HYFY is incredibly easy to use – just download the extension, then either log in with a social media account (HYFY supports all the main ones), or make a new account using an email address.

When you want to make a recording, click the HYFY icon, pick a source (you can only record a browser tab in the free version) and hit ‘Start recording’. Once you’re done, click the stop button and you’ll immediately be given a shareable link, a huge array of sharing options, a download button, and a privacy. It really is that straightforward.

As a new user, you’ll be treated to a 30-day trial of HYFY’s business edition. This lets you record for up to 30 minutes, capture your whole screen, and keep your recordings indefinitely. Once the demo expires your account will revert to the free version, but this is still very generous and the plugin is well worth keeping on hand. You never know when your screen might need grabbing.

Download here: HYFY Screen Recorder


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