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KeePass addresses a very modern problem: passwords that are strong enough to withstand automated guessing attempts and dictionary attacks are impossible for most humans to remember, so it does the remembering for you.

Why you need it

Because you really shouldn’t use the same password on multiple sites. It’s a really dangerous idea, because if one site gets hacked and your personal details compromised, then the same logins enable the crooks to get into every other service or site you use. Fancy letting them into your PayPal account or any other financial app? Exactly. So instead, you can use KeePass to manage complex, unique passwords for you.

That means you get the best of both worlds: secure passwords for each site, and just one master password for you to remember. Your passwords are encrypted to prevent anybody getting hold of them, but make sure your master password isn’t easily guessable: the world’s favorite password is currently ‘12345678’ with ‘123456’ and ‘password’ also in the top ten, which is just silly. It’s like going on holiday with a big neon “Hey burglars! We’re away and we have lots of cool expensive stuff!” sign in your front yard.

Download here: KeePass


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