Thermal printer works off one Li-ion cell


RohmThermal printheads are electronic devices that print on special media (i.e. thermal paper) by generating and dissipating heat.

Conventional thermal printheads for payment terminals are driven by 2-cell Li-ion batteries.

As thermal printers do not use ink or require large toner cartridges they are typically used in barcode printers. But the trade-off between print energy and print quality has meant it necessary to use higher power printheads requiring 2-cell li-ion battery drive.

Rohm says the KR2002-D06N10A has been designed with low resistance heat elements along with an optimised glaze design to improve heat storage characteristics.

Energy efficiency has also been improved over the supplier’s existing 2-cell drive products, enabling a reduction in head size.

“A  two body construction that combines a ceramic substrate with printed circuit board along with a high efficiency IC that minimises on-resistance further increases efficiency while suppressing energy loss due to wiring,” said the supplier.


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