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We’re often critical of app names, usually because they’re silly. But Shotcut has a different problem: when you Google it, the search engine automatically corrects it to shortcut and looks for something else.

So it’s handy that we’ve got it right here. It’s a surprisingly sophisticated video editor that’s quick and efficient to use. And its developer is the brilliantly named MeltyTech. 

Why you need it

Because not only does Shotcut edit video, but it can also handle streaming in HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MMS and UDP formats, work with 4K footage and capture video from a whole host of peripherals and connectors.

Make no mistake: this is powerful enough for a production environment, as well as a great tool for bedroom movie makers and would-be YouTube stars.

You get a range of filters and effects, the option to convert to and from a range of formats, some exceptionally useful audio tools and filters and a whole host of new tweaks in this, the 16th version of the app.

It’s open source too, so it won’t blast you with invasive ads or try to invade your privacy, and it’s available for Windows (the version here) as well as Mac and Linux.

Download here: Shotcut


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