Download of the day – Smile While


It’s nearly the weekend, so have a miniature carnival on your desktop with Smile While – a little app that fills your screen with gaudy streamers, bursts of confetti, 3D shapes and inflatable animals that spin and bounce in a pleasing fashion.

There’s no goal or fail state, so it couldn’t be called a game. It’s more like a virtual piñata, without the violence inherent in whacking a papier mache donkey with a stick.

Party clicks

Clicking your mouse or tapping a key will create a random shape and play a cheery piano note, while the background shifts through a jolly spectrum of colors. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

What Smile While lacks in narrative depth, it makes up for in floating neon teddy bears

Smile While is available for both PC and Mac. To give it a go, download the appropriate version, extract the file archive and run the EXE file.

Download here: Smile While


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