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WPS Office Free

If you need an office suite but don’t want or can’t afford Microsoft Office 365, you have several options. You can go for Google Docs and accept its limitations in favour of its collaboration features and decent storage.

You can download an Office-a-like program or suite that kicks it old school with the interface from Office 2003.

Or you can go for WPS Office Free, which looks fantastic, works brilliantly and doesn’t cost a penny.

Why you need it

Because some kind of Office-style software is pretty much mandatory if you’re doing business or want to access the stuff your kids do at school, and it’s handy to have in its own right too.

WPS Office Free provides three apps (Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets), looks very much like the current version of Microsoft Office, and offers compatibility with all major file formats – including Microsoft ones.

You’ll see the odd ad for the paid-for version, which adds powerful PDF editing and offers technical support, but the free version covers all the essential features and provides a whole host of good-looking templates to help you get started with your document, spreadsheet or presentation. It really is a must-download.

Download here: WPS Office Free


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