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XnView is much more than just an image viewer – it’s a fully featured photo organizer and editor, packed with tools to help you make the most of your pictures. If you have a collection of photographs gathering virtual dust on your hard drive or an SD card, XnView is the perfect software to get them looking perfect, neatly organized, and ready to share with the world.

Why you need it

Whether taken with a camera or smartphone, digital photos are given incomprehensible filenames that make it difficult to find the shots you want and even harder to arrange them in a logical way.

XnView works like a cross between a regular photo viewer and Windows Explorer, helping you navigate through your directories and preview images with a helpful tabbed interface.

Select a picture and you can easily rename it and edit its metadata, or open it up in XnView’s built-in image editor. This is packed with great tools and wizards like automatic color adjustment and red-eye correction to get your pictures looking amazing.

There’s support for Photoshop plugins for more advanced editing as well, giving it the potential to be incredibly powerful.

Download here: XnView


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