Dual channel 50V chip drives high and low-side mosfets


Diodes DGD0507

Diodes has introduced a pair of dual-channel high and low-side mosfet drivers for applications up to 50V. Called DGD0506 and DGD0507, they will both driver a pair of n-channel mosfets in a half-bridge configuration.

“A 50V rating suits a wide range of motor driving requirements, especially brushless DC motors, which are increasingly being used in battery-powered applications such as drones, fans, e-cigarettes, and cordless power tools including drills, handheld vacuum cleaners and blenders,” said the firm.

Logic level inputs (from 2.5V) allow the chips to be controlled from 3.3V microcontrollers, Vcc is 8 to 14V , and a bootstrap circuit provides a voltage on top of the Vcc rail to enhance the top mosfet – the bootstrap diode included in the IC.

Diodes DGD0506 Outputs have 1.8A source and 2.5A sink current capability. Amongst mosfets the device can drive, the firm advocated its own 100A DMT4002LPS.

Supplied in a 3mm x 3mm DFN3030 package (a pin-for-pin alternative to industry types), the two parts differ in that:

  • DGD0506 takes in a single PWM waveform and includes an deadtime circuit (programmed from 70ns to 420ns by an external resistor) which internally produces two non-overlapping drive waveforms for the two mosfets.
  • DGD0507 requires two PWM inputs, one for each mosfet, and leaves waveform generation including dead-time control to an external microcontroller. In this way, higher switching speed can be achieved – propagation delay is 35ns max, matched to within 5ns. Cross-conduction prevention logic is included to protect the mosfets from gross waveform errors that attempt to turn both on at the same time.

Under-voltage lock-out circuitry protects the mosfets against a loss of supply.

Stand-by current is <1μA.



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