Force Friday 2017 is over but you can still find epic Star Wars deals


Force Friday 2017 isn’t over just yet, as many Star Wars discounts continue into the weekend, according to our curated list of what’s on sale right now.

If you’re wondering “What is Force Friday and when does it end?,” we’ll quickly explain it at hyperdrive speed, then show you the best deals list below.

Force Friday II is the second annual Star Wars discount weekend on everything from toys to drones to light sabers. It’s timed to introduce Disney’s new Star Wars: The Last Jedi toys, and putting almost everything else on sale.

When does Force Friday 2017 end?

Force Friday 2017 started at midnight on Friday, September 1, and despite the name, a lot of sales last all weekend. There are some seriously impressive toys coming out of Force Friday, like this brilliant Battle Drone: