Gadget Book: Fritzing For Inventors

Fritzing for inventors

It is two years old, note, but I believe it’s the only book dedicated to the Fritzing initiative itself (open source software that helps with the design of electronics hardware, creating nice visuals from your circuit diagram and helping you document your projects and even automate final PCB layout.

It’s Fritzing For Inventors: Take Your Electronics Project From Prototype To Product, to give it its full title. And its described as “not just a software reference, but a really practical handbook” on creating prototypes and using Fritzing as the central tool.

The publishers McGraw Hill write:

This DIY guide covers the whole lifecycle of product development for a hobbyist entrepreneur. It takes you from initial concept, to prototyping, to PCB production, to distribution. Along the way, it examines the sourcing of components, product testing, and even how to price products for wholesale and retail.

It’s written by Simon Monk, the prolific author who has covered Arduino, Raspberry Pi and maker electronics in general. says they provided the technical review for the book, “so you can be sure it’s using all the tricks”. It writes:

It does a really great job at giving a quickstart introduction. Then it walks you through each of Breadboard/Schematic/PCB view in detail, and also gives you background tips on approaching electronics projects in general, reading datasheets, etc. The second half of the book focuses on PCB design and production all the way to testing and distribution. It’s all very thorough and keeps a great balance between bird’s eye and detail discussion.

Fritzing For Inventors details

Authors: Simon Monk
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Published: July 10th 2015
ISBN-10: 0071844635
ISBN-13: 978-0071844635
Format: Print
Pages: 240
Price: £23.99

Chapter contents

Ch 1. Introduction to Fritzing
Ch 2. Quickstart
Ch 3. Breadboard Prototyping
Ch 4. Schematic Design
Ch 5. Laying out a PCB
Ch 6. Soldering a PCB
Ch 7. Working with Arduino and Other Boards
Ch 8. Creating Your Own Parts
Ch 9. Example 1
Ch 10. Example 2
Ch 11. Product Testing
Ch 12. Funding and Distributing Your Product

Read the full details on the McGraw Hill website »


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