Gadget book giveaway – The Arduino Inventor’s Guide



Maybe suitable for a young Gadget Master, or those getting to grip with an Arduino for the first time…

Anyway, let’s follow the usual drill – just send an email to webmaster. A random draw of all entries will then be made – on Friday 25 August – to select the recipient.

UK entrants only, I’m afraid.

Email your compo entry raquo;

The stated aim of the book to make electronics more accessible – to take total beginners from blinking their first LED to programming a robot. It’s based around the Arduino and done in collaboration with parts retailer SparkFun Electronics.

The Arduino Inventor’s Guide table of contents

Project 1: Getting Started with Arduino
Project 2: A Stoplight for Your House
Project 3: The Nine-Pixel Animation Machine
Project 4: Reaction Timer
Project 5: A Color-Mixing Night-Light
Project 6: Balance Beam
Project 7: Tiny Desktop Greenhouse
Project 8: Drawbot, the Robotic Artist
Project 9: Drag Race Timer
Project 10: Tiny Electric Piano
Appendix: More Electronics Know-How

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