Google could announce a camera-equipped Google WiFi soon


A product specs page for Google WiFi, the company’s hockey puck-shaped router, is suggesting that the device might soon be equipped with a camera. 

The discovery comes courtesy of Phandroid (via: UberGizmo), which noticed the inclusion on the Google WiFi’s Product Overview page.  

Next to less controversial details such as the fact that the device is equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, the specs page states that the device is equipped with an “8MP, f/2.4 aperture, 1080p video” “Front Camera”. 

Changing hardware

Obviously as it currently stands the hardware is completely devoid of any camera, front-facing or otherwise, which has lead some to speculate that this may be changing soon with a second revision of the hardware. 

And with Google I/O set to take place later today, now would be the perfect time to announce new hardware. 

The obvious reasoning for including a camera in the router would be to allow it to function as a home security camera in addition to providing Wi-Fi. 

But Google technically already has such a product in the market in the form of Google-owned Nest’s range of smart home security cameras. It would be unusual for Google to compete directly with its own subsidiary, but with the company increasingly willing to design, produce, and manufacture its own hardware it could be a direction that its looking to move in. 

Of course the listing could simply be a typo. 

When asked for comment, a representative from Google said that the company doesn’t comment on rumors. 


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