Green Hills verifies multicore OS for future airborne systems


AirborneCerton, the critical systems certification firm, will help carry out the verification Time-Variant Unified Multi Processing (tuMP) operating system for three different multicore architectures, or Units of Conformance (UoC): Intel, ARMv8 and PowerPC/QorIQ.

Integrity-178 is also being verified against both the Safety Base and Security Profiles with each profile including verification for C, C++ and Ada support.

The multicore operating system is available for Intel, ARM and NXP PowerPC/QorIQ architectures, supporting both 32-bit and full 64-bit operation.

Integrity-178 tuMP for Intel architectures also offers support for Linux, Windows and Android GuestOS virtualization.

Integrity-178 tuMP already meets the ARINC-653 standard’s requirement for multicore operation as defined in Section 2 of Supplement 4 for the ARINC-653 standard.


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