Happy 10th birthday Stack Overflow!


It’s now described as the largest online community for programmers to share their knowledge, and the site is apparently visited by 50 million programmers a month

For those not familiar with the system, it provides crowdsourced solutions to user-posed questions and problems.

Answers are upvoted and downvoted, and alternate suggestions or solutions are accommodated. The more precise the query the more able the developer community is able to help you.

25 million answers

According to the site, “in ten years 9.3 million users have provided 25 million answers to 16 million questions”.

The relevance to EyesOnAndroid? Anyone doing development for the platform will soon find themselves, at some point, reaching for the freely-shared wisdom of fellow developers. At numerous, numerous points, in my case. Sometimes it felt I was advancing one Stack Overflow query at a time…

I was amazed the number of times crucial solutions were presented, when I searched and found people having stumbled on the same stage in the path of development. It is, indeed, an essential part of your online toolkit.

Many Happy Returns

I would never have completed my French Revolution Day By Day app without Stack Overflow. So cheers to the whole community, and “Many Happy Returns to StackOverflow”!

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For some very random examples, see Null Pointer Exception In Fragments (partially pictured above) and Saving Android Activity state using Save Instance State

And it’s not just Android of course, you can find Stack Overflow helping in numerous areas – SQL, Python, Ubuntu, Java, etc.

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You can see founder Joel Spolsky talk about its development below: