This leaked Harry Potter adventure game footage looks stunning


There appears to be a new video game set in the Harry Potter universe in development, judging by a massive video leak posted to YouTube by Reddit user ‘VapeThisBro’. It’s currently unknown who is developing this game, but it’s safe to assume that Warner Bros. gaming division will be publishing the venture, as it maintains that license.

The game, which this Reddit user apparently knows quite a bit about, looks absolutely stunning on video despite it seemingly being recorded off-screen. It’s clear from the footage that players will create a custom Hogwarts student and set off on adventures throughout the Harry Potter world, including the Forbidden Forest, goblin-infested dungeons and what looks like Diagon Alley.

The Reddit user appears to have official promotional copy regarding the game, which details the setting. Players will experience an open-world, action role-playing game (RPG) in 19th century Hogwarts as a new 5th year student to the school teaming up with a Professor Elezar Fig to solve a mystery.