How fast is a 5G Network? Try 71Gbps


At GITEX, Etisalat demonstrated its fastest 5G live trial- reaching a whopping speed of 71Gbps. The ‘pre-commercial’ 5G site was operating over e-band using 2Ghz of bandwidth as well as massive MIMO.

Besides the record-breaking speeds, Etisalat also showcased the use of 5G in healthcare, 4K video, Ultra High Quality Video and face recognition at GITEX. Etisalat also showcased ‘Ultra High Quality Video’ over 5G through a 360 degree camera mounted at its stand and streaming live footage over a 5G network.

Saeed AlZarouni, Senior Vice President, Mobile Network, Etisalat said, “Today Etisalat’s investments in the future will play a key role in bringing growth and innovation in the country also laying the foundation for smart city development.”

5G is the next step in the evolution of high-speed mobile broadband services, shaping the environment for growing ‘Internet of Thing’ and smart cities to become a way of life for end users.


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