How Honor’s AI chip enables you to be more creative with your photos


Honor is one of the first companies in the world to release a phone with a chipset inside that features its own artificial intelligence to make everyday tasks faster and easier.

The Honor View10 comes boasting the Kirin 970 chipset that has a game changing new idea that builds an AI directly into the phone so it can better predict the way you’ll use your device and optimise it better you even begin a task.

It all works through an NPU – that’s a whole new part of the processor that sits alongside the GPU and CPU – that uses high-end machine learning algorithms to work out what you’re likely to do next.

If you often play games in the evening on your phone, for example, the View10 will realise that and note its need to save some battery now to power your late-night gaming needs.

But perhaps one of the best assets of the AI-powered View10 is its new photography know how. The AI can be used to help improve your photo taking skills using its dual-sensor rear 20MP monochrome and 16MP colour camera.

The automatic mode on the camera uses the AI algorithms for both real-time scene and object recognition. It’ll then change the settings on your camera to give you the best shot possible.

For example, the camera can notice you’re taking a picture of a plate of food and will change the settings to the optimum mode so you don’t have to.

There are 13 different scenarios on the Honor View10 so it’ll notice when you’re taking photos of cats, dogs, portraits, landscapes and even shooting at night.

By using this feature, it means you don’t have to play around with the camera settings and you know you’re always going to be getting the best shot possible as long as you’re shooting one of the provided scenarios.

Auto-focus on the View10 also utilises the power of its artificially intelligent brains. Motion detection on the camera means it can use the same algorithms to monitor what’s going on and ensure it captures the right moment.

That should mean much less blurry photos when you’re taking shots of moving objects and it’ll allow you to be far more creative with your shooting and not have to worry about whether your photos will be in focus.

Selfies are also upgraded with the AI mastery inside the View10. Portrait mode is nothing new to smartphones, but the AI being used behind the scenes with this phone allows it to be better than ever.

The algorithms are working hard here to work out what the main subject of your selfie image is and it makes it easier for the phone to identify the edges of the subject.

That way it allows your phone to know what areas of the photograph should be blurred in the background and makes it a fantastic selfie shot that immediately highlights the best part of the image.

All of these features and more allow you to be more creative with your photography on the View10 as you spend less time worrying about your photos and more time taking them.

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