How the Samsung Galaxy Book lets you go beyond traditional portable PCs


The 2-in-1 PC market has taken off in a big way in the last few years, giving users the ability to get both a tablet and laptop experience from the same product – with thanks in large part to the flexibility of the Windows 10 platform. Now, with the arrival of the new Samsung Galaxy Book, that tablet and laptop combination has been perfected, with the remarkable device offering users a superb solution for both work and leisure. Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy Book goes beyond the usual experience provided by traditional laptops, allowing for more interactivity, creativity and collaboration.

The ultimate in mobility

One of the best things about tablets is how quickly and easily they can be passed around for people to see. That slate form factor really encourages users to share their work with others, making it easy to get a message across, or demonstrate some terrific content. On the other hand, getting colleagues or friends to gather ‘round a stationary laptop is a hassle for everyone involved. Samsung’s Galaxy Book is the perfect solution for this type of situation, offering all the mobility of a tablet while also packing the power and functionality of a full Windows 10 laptop. And, with a weight of only 648g for the 10.6-inch model and 754g for the 12-inch model, it’s light enough for anyone to hold comfortably.

Full Windows 10 functionality on the go

Unlike most tablets, which often run on mobile platforms that offer practicality over deep productivity, the Samsung Galaxy Book runs the full version of Windows 10, giving users the complete Windows desktop experience without sacrificing anything to portability. That means you’ll get total control over your work, with the option to run full desktop versions of the Microsoft Office suite of apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more. And, with the inclusion of a detachable backlit keyboard that’s powered by the unit itself, you won’t have to miss a beat when it comes to typing up important work (or posting equally important status updates on social media).

Never sacrifice performance

The Samsung Galaxy Book is built for performance, with a number of different models offering users the perfect device to suit their individual needs. Kicking things off is the 10.6-inch model, which is powered by a 7th Gen Intel Core m3 processor that’s backed by 4GB of RAM, so that users can stay productive while also enjoying media on its beautiful FHD display. Taking things up a notch is the 12-inch Galaxy Book, which boasts a 7th-Gen Intel Core i5 processor with a 128GB option with 4GB of RAM and a 256GB option with 8GB of RAM for the power user. The 12-inch model also features a glorious HDR-ready Super AMOLED display, capable of achieving tremendously vivid colours and unparalleled black levels. Each model includes a slot for microSD storage expansion (up to 256GB) and supports fast charging too, so you’ll always be ready to get to work.

A better S Pen in every way

Improving upon the previous S Pen stylus, Samsung has devised a new S Pen with a 0.7mm tip and 4,096 levels of pressure-sensitivity, allowing for much more precision and nuance, whether you’re sketching out transcendent works of art… or just taking handwritten notes (it’s all up to you). Best of all, the new S Pen doesn’t need charging, so you’ll never miss an opportunity to write something important down or capture that incredible once-in-a-lifetime idea.


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