Hyperloop One pushes its ultra-fast train forward with potential test sites


The future of transport could be come to a town near you, as experimental startup Hyperloop One announces which parts of the US are planned to get a taste of its high-speed Hyperloop technology.

11 future Hyperloop One routes were proposed today, spanning across the entire continental US to include tracks running along popular, high-traffic routes such as Los Angeles to San Diego, Seattle to Portland, and Miami to Orlando.

Specific route names and proposed development team can be seen below:

  • Boston – Somerset – Providence (Hyperloop Massachusetts)
  • Cheyenne – Houston (Rocky Mountain Hyperloop Consortium)
  • Chicago – Columbus – Pittsburgh (Hyperloop Midwest)
  • Colorado Front Range/Mtn. Network (Rocky Mountain Hyperloop)
  • Colorado Front Range (Colorado Hyperloop)
  • Kansas City – St. Louis (Hyperloop Missouri)
  • Los Angeles – San Diego (Hyperloop West)
  • Miami – Orlando (Hyperloop Florida)
  • Reno – Las Vegas (Hyperloop Nevada)
  • Seattle – Portland (PNW Hyperloop)
  • Texas Triangle (Hyperloop Texas)

The route proposals come as part of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge, in which the startup tasked other companies, universities, and governments to develop detailed plans for how best to utilize Hyperloop’s infrastructure for their region. 

Baby steps

Additionally, Hyperloop One announced that it has completed construction of a 1,640-foot-long DevLoop test track in the Las Vegas desert — the world’s first full-system test track of its kind, according to a press release.

Hyperloop One CEO Rob Lloyd claims that 500 scientists, engineers, builders, and other employees will assist the company in developing Hyperloop technology by the end of year.

“Hyperloop One is the only company in the world building an operational commercial Hyperloop system,” said Lloyd. “This disruptive technology […] will move passengers and cargo faster, cleaner and more efficiently. It will transform transportation as we know it and create a more connected world.”

While still in the very early stages of real-deal testing, Hyperloop One’s next phase of development could very well give us a glimpse at our future road trip — so long as they throw in that proposed AR window technology to keep things from getting boring.


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