Infineon DC-DC regulator aimed at Point of Load applications


Infineon DC-DC regulator aimed at Point of Load applications

The voltage regulator employs a stability engine that makes it stable with ceramic capacitors without compensation for an easy design. The device, designated IR3883, can save up to five components and facilitates the layout for very small PCB size of less than 100 mm².

The device  provides up to 3 A continuous current from 4.5 V to 14 V in a small 3 mm x 3 mm PQFN package. It can enter diode emulation mode during light-loads to save power.

It can enter a low quiescent current mode making it ideal for standby power supplies to fulfill energy savings regulations. DCM can be disabled for applications requiring very low ripple or to avoid interference/beat frequency.

The precise output voltage allows output voltage from 0.5 V to 5 V. A thermally compensated internal current limit with three selectable levels overcomes the need to oversize the inductor and saves a resistor.

This gives a more overall robustness because digital OCSET eliminates false trips from external noise and simplifies layout.

PVIN/PGND and SW/BOOT are adjacent for perfect bypass capacitors placement and less noise and easier design. The IR3883 also features all protection functions required for enterprise: pre-bias startup, thermal shutdown, over current protection, internal soft-start, enable pin and power GOOD output.



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