Want to own the original 'Apple' watch? Seiko releases Steve Jobs inspired line


Seiko has eaten a big portion of ‘member berries and decided now is a good time to re-release the watch that Steve Jobs sported in one of his most iconic photo shoots.

Seiko has teamed up with Nano Universe to re-release the Seiko Chariot, the watch Jobs was wearing in that 1984 shot of him straddling the first Macintosh – the computer that pretty much launched the desktop industry and lead to Jobs leaving Apple a year later. 

The Seiko Chariot re-release is pretty exclusive. It’s limited to Japan only and there will be around 2,000 watches made available for a pretty reasonable 20,000 Yen (£140 / $180 / AU$230).

Given the original watch worn by Jobs was auctioned off for $42,500 by his estate, there’s a good chance this re-released Seiko Chariot will sell out.

Seiko is going on something of a trip down nostalgia lane at the moment. A year ago, the company released the watch Ripley wore in Aliens – the Seiko Giugiaro 7A28-7000.

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