Invensense and GloFo make pMUTs


Invensense and GloFo make pMUTs

InvenSense’s CMOS-MEMS Platform can now be extended to pMUT devices and enable a biometric authentication solution for mobile and IoT products.

Mobile OEMs are looking for highly durable, button-free solutions that require fingerprint sensors to be placed behind the cover glass or under metal on the back of phone.

Capacitive sensors, incapable of sensing through metal, can only sense through roughly 0.3mm of glass which creates durability concerns.

InvenSense’s UltraPrint technology enables the use of thicker glass or metal materials without compromising biometric authentication performance.

The technology enhances fingerprint imaging, enabling the reader to scan when the user’s skin contains common contaminants such as oils, lotion, or perspiration helping to deliver a secure ID.

“InvenSense’s entry into pMUT provides testimony to our differentiated capabilities on aluminum nitride-based piezoelectric MEMS fabrication technology,” says GloFo’s Gregg Bartlett.


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