IoT: Case studies on fog computing and the Intel IoT Kit


Note that both these are Intel whitepapers and that you do have to provide some details to download the free whitepapers.

Fog computing and IoT gateways

Fog Kit 2What is “fog computing“? Intel says it offers a more distributed approach to data processing, analysis, and storage. One involving Intel, ARM, Dell Cisco, Microsoft and Princeton University. Learn more about a system based on an Intel Celeron processor J1900.

You can read more in a case study that highlights capturing analytics locally.

Deploying an IoT gateway with strong processing capabilities not only makes it possible to get various “things” connected, it also enables much of the analytics to happen where these things are located. The presented example is the Nexcom CPS 200 based on Intel IoT Gateway technology.

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IoT Kits connect devices to cloud services

IoT Kit1IoT Kits offer an end-to-end solution for connecting embedded devices to cloud services, and come with the WISEPaaS/RMM cloud software, which can run on Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Learn about data acquisition from sensors, remote control for the gateway system and I/O, MQTT protocol support for communications, the dashboard and system management console, more than 100 RESTful APIs and a Node-RED application logic designer.

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