IoT Security Foundation launches professional membership

This is a response to the expectation that IoT increases the potential attack surface, providing adversaries with more opportunity too.

The scale of applications bring an ever-increasing state of security complexity and whilst the principles of security are well understood, there is no universal solution.

The security challenge is compounded as IoT is attracting large numbers of new vendors, operators, and end-users.

The intention is to help address this by providing a way for members to participate in the work of the Foundation and in its working groups.

IoTSF chairman, Professor Paul Dorey,writes:

“We regularly get requests from people who recognise that IoT Security is presenting a problem and want to be part of the solution. I am therefore delighted to invite interested parties around the globe to join in the work of the IoT Security Foundation, become a security advocate and help make the emerging digital world a safer place.”

John Moor, managing director IoTSF, believes there is a need to find a way to collaborate to match the expansion of IoT across all its application domains.

“This announcement today is a step closer to that vision and we welcome agents across the technology landscape, from security experts, business managers, government staff and more, to join the mission to make it safe to connect.

“In line with our corporate membership, we’ve kept fees to a minimum as we need to engage as many in the IoTSF mission without making cost a barrier.”

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