The best tablets you can buy in 2018

Best Tablets of 2018

Tablet launches are becoming more and more scarce with companies preferring 2-in-1-laptops and hybrids. Despite this, tablets are one of the more versatile options in the market that can suit any environment, regardless of whether you’re chilling at home or killing time on the metro. 

The best tablets are ones that offer portability along with optimal productivity. Alas, the issue that remains is with so many options in the market with different operating systems, different sizes and price disparity, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin your search.

From Apple’s larger iPad Pro to Android’s Google Pixel or Samsung tablets, there’s a lot of options out there. And unlike the best smartphones – Windows makes an appearance too.

We ranked these tablets based on multiple elements, including performance, battery life, screen quality and more, with price playing a pivotal role as well.