LED driver includes magnetic sensor for that ‘fridge door’ effect


Allegro APS13568 block

Via a pin, the leds can be set to come on when the magnet is near, or off when the magnet it near – it works with either a north or a south magnetic pole. .

Led driver is up to 150mA, set by a resistor, and an optional capacitor sets fade on and fade off. Operation is from 7 to 24V.

Chaining options mean any number of sensors can be set ip to drive any number of led strings.

On the chip. the APS13568, there is also a logic input to control the led state.

Chopper stabilisation is included around the sensor to reduce drift.

Protection for shorts to ground and thermal overload are included.

Static power consumption is typically 25μA when the leds is off.

There is an AEC-Q100 qualified automotive version – internal circuits protect against 40 V load dump without additional external components.


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