Lens with black shrouds eases office glare



Beam angle is ±40°, with pretty even illumination across ±30°, and it comes in x4 and x28 versions – the latter 1.140m long.

Optimised for 2835 leds, it is compatible with packages up to 5630, said the firm.


With Samsung LM28xB leds, the figures are: ±39°, 84% efficiency (“High efficiency, despite the shade,” said the firm) and 0.580cd/lm peak intensity.

That is the extra wide beam (‘WW’). There is a narrower one (W).  For one of them (not sure which one) UGR is <19.

There is an application example here.


“There’s no need to settle for office lighting with big, ugly luminaires in order to follow regulations and standards any longer,” claimed Ledil. “Instead make your office look stunning with Daisy, our beautiful solution for a modern glare-free office.”


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