LG's latest phone patent wraps its screen all the way around the top


LG just secured a patent for a new smartphone concept that wraps the screen clear past the top side of the handset all the way to the back.

Published only a couple of days ago, the patent shows the screen covering both the front and back of the device – essentially making it two-sided using just one display.

The patent only covers ownership of the wraparound screen concept, calling it “ornamental” in the description, meaning the illustrations should not be taken as a proposed final design for any upcoming LG handsets, as Mobilescout points out.

(Image: © LG)

LG isn’t the only company chiseling away the bezel of its phones, though perhaps this is the most unique application we’ve seen yet. Xiaomi’s impressive Mi Mix concept manages to be over 90% screen, while Apple published some out-there wraparound screens with its own patents of late.

Concepts aside, we expect to learn more of what’s really in store from LG at MWC 2017, taking place in Barcelona later this month.

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