Lumileds claims efficacy record for outdoor led


Lumileds Luxeon MX

I am trusting Lumileds on this one, and hoping ‘class’ in this case is not defined as all-devices-called-Luxeon-MX

Drive of up to 1.5A on the 12V version is possible.

All told, MX is said to allow luminaire makers to meet efficiency and quality requirements of DLC (DesignLights Consortium) Premium V4.1 at 700mA 85°C.

“By creating products eligible for the DLC Qualified Products List, cities and municipalities can receive rebates on their [US] LED street lighting projects,” said company product manager Seth Danielson.

Apparently, the package is new, and increases projected lumen maintenance compared to the Luxeon M, according to the firm – which translates to actual lumen maintenance as well Lumileds?

MX is 7 x 7mm and is available from 3,000 to 6,500K with CRIs of 70, 80 and 90 in 3, 6 and 12V configurations, said Lumileds, although the table on the website and data sheet, copied below, only has CRI=70 and 4,000K minimum. I have asked for clarification.

Lighting applications include roadway, street, stadium and high bay.

Product performance at Tj=85°C.



luminous flux
test current part
min typ
12V 4,000K 70 1,160 1,195 700mA 407012V000000
5,000K 70 1,160 1,195 700 507012V000000
5,700k 70 1,160 1,205 700 577012V000000
6,500K 70 1,160 1,210 700 657012V000000
6V 4,000K 70 1,160 1,195 1,400 407006V000000
5,000K 70 1,160 1,195 1,400 507006V000000
5,700K 70 1,160 1,205 1,400 577006V000000
6,500K 70 1,160 1,210 1,400 657006V000000
3V 4,000K 70 1,160 1,195 2,800 407003V000000
5,000K 70 1,160 1,195 2,800 507003V000000
5,700K 70 1,160 1,205 2,800 577003V000000
6,500K 70 1,160 1,210 2,800 657003V000000



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