Make with Ada competition showcases its winners


Make with AdaThe compo was organised by Adacore, a software development tools company, and there were some very interesting entrants (you an see the prokject logs via the links below).

The first prize of €5000 went to Stephane Carrez for his EtherScope monitoring tool that analyses Ethernet traffic. Running on an STMicroelectronics STM32F746 board (Cortex M7), it reads Ethernet packets, performs real-time analysis, and displays the results on a 480×272 touch panel. The EtherScope interface can filter the results at different levels and report various kinds of information.

“I’ve been using Ada for several years on a variety of Open Source projects,” said Carrez. “But this was my first experience with Ada on a bare metal target, and that gave me the opportunity and motivation to learn more about the Ada Ravenscar profile.”

“Receiving First Prize for the EtherScope project was a great honour to me, and I want to thank AdaCore for sponsoring this competition. Developing Open Source software in Ada on ARM has proved to be rewarding in multiple ways.”

Watch the video below to see EtherScope in action.