Most read Gadget Master posts in November


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By the power of Google Analytics, what were your peers reading most, and what might you have missed?

The answers include a virtual reality theme park, a binary clock, a bike power meter, a circuit board tribute, and teaching robotics…

As always, let’s take it in reverse order, for maximum suspense:

10. Crowdfunding Watch: QuadBot, making robotics fun

9. Binary clock calculates from Pi Zero

8. Tearing down the Google Home assistant

7. Picture of the day: HTC VR theme park Viveland opens in Taiwan

6. Cycling EcoHelmet wins international James Dyson Award

5. How to build your own bike power meter

4. Raspberry Pi 3 powers Microsoft’s Magic Mirror

3. A nice circuit board tribute to Forrest M. Mims

2. How to build your own Raspberry Pi home alarm system

1. Build your own electric kids’ go-kart

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