Netflix is streaming Star Trek: Discovery with Klingon subtitles


The sixth and latest Star Trek series has premiered around the world and it’s boldly going where no other Star Trek series has gone before.

Klingons of the past have always spoken solely in English, but not this time. They’re speaking tlhIngan Hol, their own native tongue, when needed, and these have English subtitles so us humans can follow.

But with plenty of human fans of the martial race to be found on Earth, Netflix will be airing all 15 episodes of Discovery with Klingon subtitles available as an option – a great chance for Earthlings to brush up on their tlhIngan Hol.

Unfortunately, CBS isn’t offering these subtitles in the US.

Jaj vIghaj (Own the day)

To give you an off-planet experience, Netflix has released a trailer of Star Trek: Discovery dubbed entirely in the Klingon language, with optional English subtitles available, to give you an idea of what it would be like if you were to watch the series on the warrior people’s home planet of Klinzhai.