Nintendo launches Dragalia Lost, a free-to-play JRPG for iOS and Android


Nintendo’s newest mobile game, Dragalia Lost, is now available on Android and iOS in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. The JRPG is free-to-play and, like other mobile games, relies on loot box-style in-game purchases for randomized items.

Nintendo first announced the game in April and filled in story details with a few lore trailers and a Nintendo Direct. Players lead a young prince and a ragtag band of allies against his perfidious royal siblings and several powerful dragons. 

Players swipe their device’s screen to battle enemies in real-time and switch between party members on the fly. In addition to an elemental rock-paper-scissors mechanic and charge-up skills, characters will also be able to transform into dragons for a short time. Players can join up to three other players for limited time raid-style battles, according to MacRumors