OnePlus 6 tipped to launch alongside Bullet wireless headphones

The OnePlus 6 has been confirmed to include a 3.5mm headphone jack, but it’s also going to launch alongside wireless earbuds, according to a new report today.

‘OnePlus Bullet Wireless’ has shown up within the Bluetooth Certification database, discovered Nashville Chatter, and it may be the sequel to the OnePlus Bullet V2 headphones sans the wires.

The certification doesn’t spell out what the OnePlus Bullet Wireless headphones will look like or if they’re be true wireless earbuds like Apple AirPods, or use a wire to connect the buds like Google Pixel Buds.

However, it does specify that it’ll support Bluetooth 4.1 and support Qualcomm Technologies, likely for better sound quality and battery life than average wireless earbuds.

Taking on Apple AirPods?

These Bullet Wireless are expected to be at the OnePlus 6 launch event, which may happen within the next month. But we anticipate they’ll be a separate purchase.

The OnePlus strategy has been to offer lower-cost Android phones, usually at mid-range prices, but fill its handsets with specs and design features that rivals like Apple, Samsung and Google.

It’s hard to say if OnePlus will undercut the competition in the wireless earbud space, too. But the company does appear to have one advantage over AirPods and PixelBuds: the OnePlus 6 will offers its users the option of using the normal 3.5mm headphone jack, features you won’t find on the Pixel 2 or iPhone X

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