Plessey LEDs feed lettuce


Plessey Hyperion lighting

Johan Desmet and Mirjan Vandoorne began hydroponic all-year lettuce-growing in Izegem in 2004. In 2015, they installed 2,610 LED lights from another manufacturer across 14,000m².

This year they are stringing 1,680 Hyperion lamps over a further 20,000m², achieving the same light level as the 2015 installation, said Plessey. despite te reduced number of fittings.

“I wanted to be able to install fewer fixtures to minimise the amount of shading and get the greatest commercial return on my investment,” said Desmet.

According to Plessey, theyu have achieved 80 micromole/m², which results in a denser, more compact crop, with better colouration.

“With an output of 1,000micromole, the Hyperion only needs to be installed on the trellis to provide good uniformity, just like SON-T,” said Plessey director of grow lighting Jonathan Barton.


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