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RS Pro toolkit

The application-specific toolkits are designed to be a starting point for engineers or technicians with all the basic tools for a particular industry application, or even as a replacement tool kit for experienced users.

RS Pro toolkit 1The RS Pro kit range includes:

  • 13 and 32 piece electronics toolkits
  • 28, 29, 32 and 36 piece kits for electricians
  • 41 and 82 piece kits for mechanics
  • 25 and 81 piece kits for technicians
  • 15  and 85 piece field-service kits
  • 95 piece automotive toolkit
  • 13 piece maintenance toolkit
  • Two piece general-purpose measuring set
  • Two four piece sets of pliers, including a premium precision set

RS Pro tool kitThe largest one is the 95 piece automotive kit, which comes in a portable tool chest and includes a wide range of devices such as hammers, wrench sets, punches, sockets, ratchets, extension bars, pliers, cutters and screwdrivers.

Another example kit is the 36 piece VDE/1000V for electricians, which has been designed for professional engineers that work on or around electrically live circuits. Along with devices such as cable strippers and voltage testers, it includes VDE-certified screwdrivers and pliers that are individually tested for use up to 1,000Vac.

Applications in maintenance, machine safety, transportation, utilities, robotics, motion control and industrial IoT are expected.

All RS Pro products are produced to a high industrial-quality standard, undergo rigorous testing in the RS lab, and are backed by the RS Seal of Approval, said the firm.

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