Qualcomm joins Xen Project



“Qualcomm Technologies is committed to supporting many open source communities that power the foundation of hyperscale cloud computing, including Xen Project,” says Qualcomm’s Elsie Wahlig, “as an advisory board member and through our code contributions, we are working to continue to make the Xen Project hypervisor a first-class hypervisor for the ARM architecture.”

Qualcomm Technologies is one of the top 10 contributors to the Xen Project’s latest release 4.8, which was released in early December. Qualcomm Technologies’ contributions include ARM enablement and bug fixes.

The Xen Project Works on improving performance, enhancing security and management, and fine-tuning the hypervisor for better ARM support to capitalise on new developments with mobile, cloud and web-scale computing.

“Xen Project virtualization has continually helped advance the server space and supports some of the largest clouds in production today,” says Xen’s chairperson Lars Kurth, ‘by stepping up their commitment to the Xen Project, Qualcomm Technologies is making a commitment to advance Xen Project virtualization.”

Qualcomm joins 15 advisory board members who are committed to the segment and technical success of the Xen Project hypervisor. Member involvement includes, financial support, technical contributions and policy guidance.


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