Qualcomm slapped with $854 million fine by Korea



Korea has fined Qualcomm $854 million for abuse of a dominant market position. Korea says Qualcomm used its position to impose excessive licensing fees on Korean smartphone makers.

Korea fined Qualcomm $200 million in 2009 for the same offence.

Last year Qualcomm paid China $975 million for the same thing.

Qualcomm is also a facing a fine from the EU anti-trust regulators which it will have to settle if it is the get approval from the EU anti-trust authorities for the NXP acquisition.

“Qualcomm has forced unilateral, unfair terms on licensing contracts without going through a fair calculation process,” says Shin Young-sun of the Korean FTC.

The KFTC says Qualcomm’s annual revenues from Korea are $5 billion..

The unfairness of Qualcomm’s practices is alleged to be because it based its fees on the cost of the handset rather than the cost of the chip-set.


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