Samsung wants to reinvent home audio at CES 2017


Samsung has made a bold promise to introduce the future of Audio at CES 2017 with the greatest auditory experience we’ve ever heard.

To this end, Samsung has announced a new proprietary digital audio upscaling technology called Ultra-high Quality Sound (UHQ). The South Korea-electronics firm claims that UHQ has the ability to upscale any audio source (i.e. all your 8- to 24-bit songs) to a 32bit output.

Samsung MS750 sound bar

This artificially higher bit rate is designed to give you better audio quality and something that sounds closer to the original recording with greater clarity and more energetic notes. However, given our experience with existing digital upscalers, we’re going to hold our breath until we actually hear it on the show floor.

Samsung is also kicking off the UHQ party with a H7 wireless speaker that features a minimalistic, metal finish that we’re not used to seeing from Samsung. Looks aside this speaker brings the good with a bass response as low as 35Hz, to deliver a wide sound range across the human auditory field – from high to low frequencies.

Samsung M9500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player

The H7 also features Distortion Cancelling, which is an algorithm that predicts the woofer’s movement, control it, and play more solid and stable sound at low pitch. This should translate into less distortion while helping it deliver a heavier punch of bass – two issues we typically have with wireless speakers of this size.

Samsung is also rolling out a new MS750 sound bar and M9500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player to help bring UHQ to the home entertainment front.

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