Renesas and Green Hills collaborate on connected cockpit


The truck integrates the Renesas R-Car H3 automotive computing SoC, and Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY RTOS and INTEGRITY Multivisor secure virtualisation, and features ISO 26262-safety critical applications with Android infotainment and cockpit features.

The R-Car H3 is part of Renesas’ platform for ADAS and automated driving that delivers end-to-end solutions scaling from cloud to sensing and vehicle control.

The Renesas Connected Cockpit Vehicle is a development platform designed to enable creation, integration, and testing of hardware and software components in a real vehicle under real-world constraints and conditions.

The  Connected Cockpit Vehicle integrates:

Software defined radio
Driver facial recognition and preference application
Seamless multi-operating OS system (OS) display sharing integration
Vehicle functions such as HVAC

The INTEGRITY RTOS and its Multivisor virtualization extension are the foundation of the software-defined cockpit.

• As a guest OS of INTEGRITY Multivisor, the Android-based center console display features touch-screen multimedia, climate control, navigation, and cloud-connected vehicle maintenance monitoring, and driver biometric profiles
• Multi-function ISO 26262-certified safety-critical instrument cluster powered by 3D GPU-accelerated OpenGL graphics, combining both INTEGRITY and guest OS content
• Safe and secure shared GPU and displays between Android apps and ISO 26262 safety-critical instrument cluster


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