Samsung could unveil a Gear Fit Pro 2 alongside the Note 8


All eyes are on the next super-sized smartphone that Samsung’s planning to unveil, but we may well see a new fitness tracker device alongside it later this month – reference to an as-yet-unannounced device called the Gear Fit Pro 2 has appeared on Samsung’s website.

A successor to the Gear Fit 2 then? The addition of a “Pro” label rather than an extra number suggests this is going to be a minor upgrade rather than a major overhaul, though there should be some bells and whistles to attract buyers. Samsung’s naming schemes for its wearables haven’t often made sense and it’s obviously not going to start now.

The reference, on a blank support page, was spotted by SamMobile, but that’s about all we know about what’s coming. There’s a good chance the wearable could launch alongside the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23, or maybe at the IFA event at the start of September.

Fitness first

This looks to be different to the new Samsung Gear smartwatch that’s also in the pipeline, basically a Gear S3 with some extra fitness features. This one is going to be more fitness tracker and less smartwatch, like the Gear Fit 2 it’s supposedly replacing.

Samsung registered a “Gear Fit Pro” trademark back at the start of the year though details of what it might entail have been thin on the ground since. We’ve also heard rumors that Samsung is planning to create a device that fuses the ideas of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker together, whatever that means.

Not much in the way of specs or price then, but don’t be surprised if we see one or two wearables appear from Samsung in the next few weeks, catering to the serious athletes out there. On top of that we’re still waiting for the Gear S4 too.


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