Samsung, Intel and Hynix invest in firm for nanoscale chip processes



RF power generator for plasma processing of chips

Reno Sub-Systems develops semiconductor manufacturing systems for nanoscale IC processes. These include RF matching networks, RF power generators and gas delivery systems.

The company has closed its Series C funding which was led by Samsung Venture Investment and included new investors Hitachi High-Technologies and SK hynix.

Reno’s existing investors also include Intel Capital.

Bob MacKnight, CEO of Reno Sub-Systems, writes:

“Our list of strategic investors now includes the venture arms of three of the top five largest semiconductor manufacturers, two out of four of the largest etch tool providers, and a key subsystems supplier.

“Our holistic approach to precision subsystem process control across RF as well as flow technologies offers clear differentiation from competitive approaches.”

Reno has addressed the key technology for the fabrication of devices which is plasma processing. In order to create devices on sub-14nm processes which are repeatable and precisely controlled, it is necessary to have short cycle-time plasma etching and deposition. Variation on these processes are measured on the atomic scale.

Plasma processing environments require single-atom-layer removal and deposition.

Reno says that, while vacuum control and measurement have kept pace with industry needs, gas flow control and RF matching network technologies have not.

The plan now is to offer RF matching networks and gas flow systems for leading-edge silicon manufacturing technology nodes.

“We saw high value in Reno’s technology, so it only made sense for us to pursue an investment,” said Dr. Dong-Su Kim, vice president of Samsung Venture Investment.


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