Samsung invests in China AI chip start-up DeePhi



‘We provide end-to-end solutions utilising deep compression and a DPU platform. Leveraging the optimisation of co-designed neural networks and FPGAs, DeePhi provides more efficient, convenient and economical inference platforms for both embedded end and server-side, including but not limited to data centres and surveillance,’ says DeePhi.

Other investors in DeePhi are Mediatek, AWS, Xilinx and Tsinghua University.

Korea’s SK Telecom is said to have offered to invest in DeePhi but the offer was turned down.

DeePhi’s attractions are said to include its neural network compression technology and neural network hardware architecture.

DeePhi has the Deep Neural Network Development Kit, DNNDK, which is a deep learning software development kit aimed at simplifying and accelerating deep learning applications.
Samsung is said to be interested in mobile applications for DeePhi’s neural net-based AI chipsets like speech recognition, neural language processing and other recognition tasks on smartphones.


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