Samsung issues Note 7 software update to extinguish battery problems


UPDATE: A software update originally conceived to prevent original Galaxy Note 7 phones from bursting into flames is now being sent out to all Australian replacement units that have yet to be returned to Samsung. The update will automatically download and install itself from today, causing the batteries in replacement handsets to only reach a maximum charge of 60 percent. 

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Having already announced an official global recall for its Galaxy Note 7 handset earlier this month, Samsung is taking further measures to prevent existing (and possibly defective) units from catching fire, announcing an update that will cap the handset’s battery at 60 percent.

The update will be released on September 21 and will be automatically applied to all original Galaxy Note 7 smartphones purchased in Australia. All attempts to charge your Note 7 devices before the update’s arrival will be met with the following pop-up message:

“For safety reasons, we recommend that you stop using your Note7. From September 21 an automatic software update will limit this device’s charge to 60%. Tap for more. We apologise for the inconvenience – Samsung Australia.”

Richard Fink, Samsung Electronics Australia’s Vice President IT & Mobile, is urging customers “who still have an affected Galaxy Note7 to complete a data back-up and factory reset before powering-down the device and returning it to their place of purchase to seek a replacement Galaxy Note7 or alternate remedy of their choice.”

As for replacement units, Samsung Australia has confirmed that replacement stock will also be available for Galaxy Note 7 customers from September 21.


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