Samsung really wants you to believe the Galaxy S8 won’t explode


Samsung can’t get the world to forget about the explosive nature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, so instead it seems to be putting a lot of effort into convincing people that the Samsung Galaxy S8 won’t have the same defects, or any defects at all, and it’s doing this in part with a video.

Dubbed “Quality Assurance: Extensive Tests”, a new one-minute video made by Samsung shows a Galaxy S7 Edge being put through a barrage of tests, including being dropped, bent, drenched in water and operated under extreme temperatures.

In between these torture tests, text explains that “our phones are extensively tested, retested, and then tested again” and the video ends saying “innovation is our legacy. Quality is our priority.”

All of which, clearly, is an attempt to rebuild trust in the brand, as the launch of the Galaxy S8 looms ever closer.