Secure Systems Summit 2017 – Designing in security


Secure Systems Summit 2017 - Designing in securityA key message at the Secure Systems Summit 2017 (Tuesday 25 April, central London) will be the importance to designers and users of establishing a chain of trust from silicon through to over-the web cloud services.

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“Manufacturers must build products that support over the air updates while also ensuring the device is running the original manufacturer-installed software and operating as the manufacturer intended, not having been compromised during operation.”

The full circle

To facilitate this there will be advice on how to apply secure design and procurement strategies throughout the supply chain, from OEM through manufacture to the end user lifecycle management.

At the semiconductor device level this will involve embedded processor designs and how they can be made secure using innovative technologies such as Protected Module Architectures. On the software side we will take a hackers view of how easy it is to gain access to IoT nodes and any devices connected to the Internet.

There will also be the opportunity to learn more about the open web application security project (OWASP) which could be vital in helping you make your IoT designs secure.

To complete the circle there will guidance on how to achieve compliance with the emerging industry standards for IoT security.

Code Node

Organised by Electronics Weekly, in partnership with the IoT Security Foundation, the Secure Systems Summit 2017 will take place at CodeNode in central London on 25 April.

This one-day conference and exhibition will feature industry experts in the field of developing secure systems in areas such as chip level design, trusted computing, embedded software and app development.

Richard Wilson

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