Socionext integrates codec and video processor for server module


The module, is designated M820C.


The MB86M30 codec is able to simultaneously encode four channels of 1080p video in real-time. The SC2A11 is an ARM v8-based energy-efficient multi-core processor with 24 cores of ARM Cortex-A53 on single chip.

It provides the optimal balance between processing performance and power consumption for a wide range of applications, from gateway to edge computing and large-scale processing in the cloud.

This combination of the MB86M30 and SC2A11 results in a hybrid codec that balances high speed processing by dedicated hardware and flexible software processing by the CPU.

The M820C has been built as a server module with integrated hybrid codec functionality, and is aimed for use in various network service applications.

The SC2A11, which is integrated onto the M820C, is able to execute an arbitrary user application and efficiently performs complicated tasks, such as generating valuable video metadata to add to the video stream or, collaborating with other servers in the network.

The M820C can perform face recognition while simultaneously converting input video data to various bitrates and screen sizes, superimposing such data onto the converted data and transmitting the data.


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